FLDIGI Users Manual  3.21
Callsign DB Configuration

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Fldigi will open a web browser to either QRZ.com or Hamcall.net with the contents of the QSO Call field used as a query string to the on line service. You may find that your default browser needs to be triggered twice on the first such query. That behavior seems to be associated with IE7 but not IE6 for example.

If you have a CD with the QRZ database installed you can use that CD or its' stored contents on a hard drive. Simply specify where the CALLBK directory can be found and enable the QRZ radio button.

If you are a paid subscriber to either QRZ or Hamcall xml database service then you can specify that fldigi use that service for all Callsign data base queries.

OK2CQR provides a very nice callsign lookup service on his hamqth.com web site. There is no subscriber fee to use this service. Simply register and then use your registered user name and password for access. You might want to provide monetary support to Petr if this service meets your needs.



Configure the eQSL log entry upload with your user ID, password, and QTH nickname. See Macros for additional information.

FLdigi Logging

Log It

If you check the "send when logged" button then the logged record will be sent to eQSL when either the log it button is pressed, or when the macro tag <LOG> or <LNW> is executed.

You may elect to use the default of date-time ON or date-time OFF for the eQSL submission.

You may send a message with the log record. If you fill in the default message text then it will be used for that purpose. You might want to use something like:

Tks for {MODE} qso {NAME}. 73, pse eQSL

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