Fldigi Users Manual  4.1.17
CW CAT Keying Configuration

fldigi supports CW keying using CAT commands to transceivers which support that method. The CAT connection may be either using RigCAT or flrig.
fldigi must be in the CW mode, and the transceiver set to CW mode for the keyline to be active. If available, the transceiver should be configured for either semi or full break-in.

CW CAT Keying configuration

The CW CAT-keying may require compensation for timing. This is principally dependent on the pc architecture, and operating system, and the effect is to lengthen the time between characters. The calibrate button is used to measure the timing inaccuracy. The measurement is made by sending a sequence of "PARIS " strings at the current CW WPM setting for 1 minute. The actual time to transmit is measured and compared to the ideal timing. Be aware that this may transmit the characters. Use low power or a dummy load for the test. If needed, the computed compensation value will be entered in the Comp control. You may also manually enter or change this value. After calibration you may test to see if the character spacing algorithm are providing the correct compensation.
Tested and known to work correctly with these transceivers:

  • Elecraft KX3
  • Elecraft K3S
  • Icom 705
  • Icom 7100
  • Icom 7300
  • Kenwood TS480
  • Kenwood TS590SG
  • Yaesu FT991A

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