FLDIGI Users Manual  4.0
Autostart Configuration

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You can configure fldigi to start up to seven external programs when it begins execution

Program Selection

The location of each autostart program must be identified and entered into the respective text control. Use the "Locate" button to open a file browser. Select the executable and the full pathname to that file will be entered for you. You can also enter or modify each entry manually. The entry will appear similar to:

Operating System Entry
Windows XP C:\Progam Files\flrig-1.3.31\flrig.exe
Windows 7 C:\Program Files (x86)\flrig-1.3.31\flrig.exe
Windows 10 C:\Program Files\flrig-1.3.31\flrig.exe
Linux /usr/local/bin/flrig
OS X /Applications/flrig-1.3.31.app

On OS X you simply drag the application icon (in the Applications folder) to the respective text control.


You can test, or manually start each of the autostart programs using the respective "Test" button. If the desired application launches correctly you can check the Enable box for that application to have it launch when starting fldigi.
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