Fldigi Users Manual  4.1.17
DominoEX Configuration

DominoEX Configuration

Enter the secondary text. This text will be sent during periods when your keyboard is inactive (between letters for slow typists). The default for this text will be your callsign when you have entered that in theOperator configuration tab.

Set the BW factor for the decoding prefilter. 2.0 should be adequate unless you are experiencing nearby continuous wave interference (CWI). You can enable and disable the prefilter with the checkbox. Please note that the filter requires additional cpu cycles. Older and slower cpu models might give better decoding with the filter disabled.

Fldigi can send and receive FEC in accordance with the DomEX-FEC specification for MultiPsk. This type of FEC is achieved by some loss of non printing characters in the primary character set. It is therefore not usable as an FEC mode for ARQ (automatic repeat request) transmissions.

The DominoEX decoder can detect the presence of CWI within the passband set by the BW factor. Increasing the CWI threshold increases the sensitivity to such interference. When the interference is detected the associated data is culled using a technique called puncturing.

DominoEX operations are described in DominoEX .

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