Fldigi Users Manual  4.1.17
Rig Control

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Basic Rig Control

The same control is used for both manual entry of the transceiver frequency or with full CAT control. When no CAT is available the control is simply a convenient way of keeping track of the transceiver USB/LSB suppressed carrier frequency, the mode and the audio tracking point. If fldigi is being used with an FM transceiver you probably should enter the simplex frequency or the input frequency of a repeater being used. This frequency value is used with the waterfall audio frequency to compute the logged frequency. The logged frequency value will only be correct for LSB and USB operation.

The combo box on the left will allow the selection and control of the operating mode of the transceiver.

The combo box on the right will allow the selection and control of the transceiver bandwidth.

The frequency display is in fact a set of special buttons. Each digit may be increment by clicking/pressing on the upper half of the digit and decrement by clicking/pressing the lower half of the digit. The leading digits will follow suit if a decade rollover occurs. You can also place the mouse cursor on a digit and then use the mouse wheel to roll the frequency up and down.

The frequency display becomes the focus of keyboard activity once a digit has been accessed with the mouse (above). You can then modify the current frequency entry a number of ways:

  • right / left arrow keys: +/- 1 Hz
  • up / down arrow keys:- +/- 10 Hz
  • shift right / left arrow keys: +/- 100 Hz
  • shift up / down arrow keys: +/- 1000 Hz
  • direct entry of desired frequency

Use the numeric keys for direct entry of the frequency (in Khz). Press <return> or <enter> to complete the entry and return the frequency display to an active state. Don't forget the decimal point if you are entering a fractional KHz value, (i.e. 14070.125).

The frequency display will reverse it's color scheme when in the direct frequency entry mode, and the decimal point will occult.

Normal Frequency Control Appearance

Entry Mode Frequency Control Appearance

Don't forget to complete the numeric entry with the "Enter" key.

The Smeter / Power-meter display is only active if fldigi is configured for xmlrpc control with flrig. The transceiver must support the smeter and power out CAT query. fldigi does not try to estimate the smeter reading based on the audio stream. You can toggle viewing the Smeter / Power-meter display using the button just to the right of the shared space used by the "Smeter/Power-meter" and the "Mode/Bandwidth" controls. Be sure to save the configuration for this to persist the next time fldigi is executed.

The mode combobox, the bandwidth combobox and the frequency display also annunciate the current transceiver status. If you change operating mode on the transceiver, that will be annunciated in the respective combobox and FLDigi will adjust any internal parameters accordingly. FLDigi queries the transceiver 10 times per second to maintain a lock step with the transceiver.

Frequency List

The frequency/mode pick list is displayed when the book button is pressed. Pressing the book button a second time will restore the original logging panel.

Frequency Pick List

The pick list buttons control selecting, adding and deleting entries in the frequency/mode list.

  • add the current frequency / mode / audio track point to the list
  • select the current list entry
  • delete the highlighted entry from the list
  • delete all entries from the list (a warning prompt will appear)
  • show active frequencies based on either the entry field to the right or the stations locator, see pskreporter/spotter.
  • entry field for active frequencies search, for example "EM."

The browser list contains frequency, sideband, modem type, audio frequency, and a text describing usage. To edit the usage string:

  • highlight the entry to be edited
  • press the combination of SHIFT and right arrow while pointing to the line

This will hide the frequencies browser and display the data relative to that line

Edit frequency list entry

Edit the text entry and press the "Enter" button when finished.

The list is saved when fldigi is shut down.

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