Fldigi Users Manual  4.1.17
User Interface Configuration - Contest
UI Contest

Fldigi supports a full range of contests. Each contest's unique data exchange is captured either in a generic multi word exchange field, or in contest specific fields that are displayed in the main dialog logging group.

  • Generic contest
  • Africa All-Mode International
  • ARRL Field Day
  • ARRL International DX (cw)
  • ARRL Jamboree on the Air
  • ARRL Kids Day
  • ARRL Rookie Roundup
  • ARRL RTTY Roundup
  • ARRL School Club Roundup
  • ARRL November Sweepstakes
  • ARRL Winter FD
  • BARTG RTTY contest
  • CQ WPX
  • CQ WW DX
  • Italian A.R.I. International DX
  • North American QSO Party
  • North American Sprint
  • Ten Ten
  • VHF

State QSO parties

  • Alabama QSO Party, ALQP (Out of State)
  • Arizona QSO Party, AZQP (Out of State)
  • Arkansas QSO Party, ARQP (Out of State)
  • British Columbia QSO Party, BCQP (Out of Province)
  • California QSO Party, CAQP (Out of State)
  • Colorado QSO Party, COQP (Out of State)
  • Delaware QSO Party, DEQP (Out of State)
  • Florida QSO Party, FLQP (Out of State)
  • Georgia QSO Party, GAQP (Out of State)
  • Hawaii QSO Party, HIQP (Out of State)
  • Idaho QSO Party, IDQP (Out of State)
  • Illinois QSO Party, ILQP (Out of State)
  • Indiana QSO Party, INQP (Out of State)
  • Iowa QSO Party, IAQP (Out of State)
  • Kansas QSO Party, KSQP (Out of State)
  • Kentucky QSO Party, KYQP (Out of State)
  • Louisiana QSO Party, LAQP (Out of State)
  • Maine QSO Party, MEQP (Out of State)
  • Maryland QSO Party, MDQP (Out of State)
  • Michigan QSO Party, MIQP (Out of State)
  • Minnesota QSO Party, MNQP (Out of State)
  • Missouri QSO Party, MOQP (Out of State)
  • Mississippi QSO Party, MSQP (Out of State)
  • Montana QSO Party, MTQP (Out of State)
  • North Carolina QSO Party, NCQP (Out of State)
  • Nebraska QSO Party, NEQP (Out of State)
  • New Jersey QSO Party, NJQP (Out of State)
  • New Mexico QSO Party, NMQP (Out of State)
  • New York QSO Party, NYQP (Out of State)
  • North Dakota QSO Party, NDQP (Out of State)
  • Ohio QSO Party, OHQP (Out of State)
  • Oklahoma QSO Party, OKQP (Out of State)
  • Ontario QSO Party, ONQP (Out of Province)
  • Pennsylvania QSO Party, PAQP (Out of State)
  • South Carolina QSO Party, SCQP (Out of State)
  • South Dakota QSO Party, SDQP (Out of State)
  • Tennessee QSO Party, TNQP (Out of State)
  • Texas QSO Party, TXQP (Out of State)
  • Vermont QSO Party, VTQP (Out of State)
  • Virginia QSO Party, VAQP (Out of State)
  • Washington Salmon Run QSO Party, WAQP (Out of State)
  • Wisconsin QSO Party, WIQP (Out of State)
  • West Virginia QSO Party, WVQP (Out of State)
  • 7QP QSO Party, 7QP (Out of Region)
  • New England QSO Party, NEQP (Out of Region)

Select the contest type from the Contest combo:

UI Contest

If you select the State QSO parties, you need to make a second selection for the specific state, area, region contest in which you be participating.

UI Contest

Enter the exchange you want to send. You can force the RST in/out to always be 599. That seems to be a norm for many contests. When operating in a CW contest you can have fldigi send cut numbers, T for 0, N for nine.
The serial number can be set to use leading zeros. You can specify the starting number for the sequence and how many digits are sent, ie: 0024. Pressing Reset will set the starting number to the QSO logging serial out field. See Contest How To for more info.

You can check for duplicates by any combination of the specified named fields. You can also specify that the duplicate had to occur with a given time interval. Some VHF contests allow a duplicate CALL after a given time interval.

Contesting with N3FJP logger connection

Fldigi and the N3FJP logging software have been interfaced to form a very powerful combination that allows the avid contester to perform CW and digital communications in the most popular ARRL, National, International, and State contests. This combination also assists the Handi-ham in communicating in CW. They allow the operator to send and receive contest exchanges as well as control their rig. The N3FJP logger behaves as a log data base server and fldigi the modem client for the purposes of data exchange.

Since the contests differ greatly in their exchanges, these instructions will be rather lengthy and will have many screen shots. These instructions will be broken down by contests that are similar and require similar settings.

Although the contests are varied, certain parts of the set up are the same for all. These include the Sound Card (Rig Interface such as Rig Blaster, Signalink, or home brew) and the API (Application Program Interface.)

The first thing that you will need to do is to bring up the N3FJP program for the contest that you want to participate in. To do this go to http://www.n3fjp.com and select it from the Contest Logs drop down menu. The N3FJP logger software is independently sold and distributed by Scott and Kimberly Davis.

Either fldigi or the N3FJP logger can be started first. When so configure fldigi will periodically attempt to connect to the logger. The two programs can reside on a single or multiple computers with LAN access. The N3FJP logger will only run on an MS operating system. fldigi can be on any of the supported operating systems. The connection has been tested between Linux, OS X, and MS operating systems.

N3FJP logger setup

  • Click on Setup and configure your station information.
  • Set up API. This is necessary even if both fldigi and the logger are on the same machine. Select API from the Setup menu.
    Check the box in the upper section for API port 1100.

Fldigi setup

  • Open configuration dialog to the UI/Logs/N3FJP... tab
    N3FJP connect

  • Enter the LAN address, either as the machine name or it's numeric uniform resource locator, i.e: LENOVO-DUALBOOT (
  • Check the box "Enable data stream" to view the connect and data transfer process.
  • Check the "Connect" box

fldigi should connect to the logger with a few seconds. You will see the connect stream processing as above, and the GREEN connect triangle should\ illuminate.

Disconnect is as simple as unchecking the "Connect" box.

fldigi will follow suite as you stop and start various N3FJP loggers. The fldigi main dialog title bar and it's logging controls will reflect the change in contest usage. Here is an example for an automatic connection to the CQ WW DX contest

CQ WWDX contest

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