Fldigi Users Manual  4.1.17
UTF-8 support

Fldigi supports the UTF-8 character set in all of it's labels and widgets (controls). The Rx and Tx text panels accept both keyboard and text stream that is in UTF-8 format. Transmission of UTF-8 characters is supported by these modes:

  • PSK, PSKR, and Multi-Channel PSK/PSKR
  • Olivia - must enable 8 bit extended characters
  • MT63 - must enable 8 bit extended characters
  • MFSK - all baudrates supported

For example, the following Russian and annotated texts can be sent and received:

UTF-8 Encoded Characters

UTF-8 characters are represented by 2 bytes which means that a single character will take longer to transmit. Transmission speed will be further reduced on modes like PSK where the character to bit stream conversion has been optimized for the English language.

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