FLMSG Users Manual  4.0
ICS-213 messages

The user prepares, answers and views all data files from the single user interface dialog:



ICS213 message files are distinguished by the extension "f2s". Template files are assigned the extenstion "f2t". The data file for this example "MedEm_001.f2s" contains:

============================= file contents ============================
<to:5 k2lbm
<fm:5 w1hkj
<d1:10 2009-09-29
<t1:9 00:03 UTC
<sb:29 Situation Report - F3 tornado
<s1:11 Dave Freese
<p3:16 On scene manager
<s2:12 Helen Freese
<p4:11 Coordinator
<d2:10 2009-09-29
<t2:9 00:22 UTC
<mg:211 1. # injured 4
2. # casualties 2
3. # displaced 30
4. Available doctors 1
5. Available nurses 2
6. Request:
  a. shelter 30
  b. morgue transport 2
  c. ambulance transport 4, from Hazel Green UMC to City Hosp.

<rp:100 Expect ambulance by 03:00 UTC
Coronor pickup by 08:00 UTC
Shelter ready at Hazel Green High School.
============================= file contents ============================

The two principal output files are html view document, and ascii text document.

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