Fldigi Users Manual  4.1.17
N3FJP Log/Contest Setup


Starting N3FJP loggers with fldigi

You should start the N3FJP ACL or contest software before starting fldigi. The logging program ACL and the N3FJP contest logs are tcpip socket servers. fldigi will recognize the N3FJP logger that is being used, whether ACL or one of the contest logs.

Exiting the programs

You should exit fldigi before exiting the logging program.

Setting up fldigi for use with ACL

Open the configuration dialog and select the N3FJP_logger from tree menu:


The default address, (localhost) is used when both fldigi and ACL are on the same computer. The values shown above are for the instance where fldigi and ACL are running on different machines on the same local area network. Fldigi is on a Linux machine and ACL on a Windows 7 machine.

You can observe the two way socket communications between the two programs by enabling the “Enable Data Stream” check box.

Open the Settings / Application Program Interface (API) menu item on ACL. Make sure that the box TCP API Enabled (Server) is checked and that the Port 1100 corresponds to the Port setting in the above dialog.

Enable the “Connect” check box and fldigi should find ACL and begin data exchanges.

The command pair <CWCOMPORTKEYDOWN> ... <CWCOMPORTKEYUP> is sent to change the PTT state if the N3FJP software is used for transceiver control. You can change this to <RIGTX> ... <RIGRX> by enabling the check box control, "PTT via \<RIGTX\> and \<RIGRX\>."

Capturing Rx text in fldigi

The fldigi user can capture text, both word delimited and mouse high-lighted from the received text panel. The text will capture either with a double-left or single-left mouse click. This is selectable on this fldigi configuration tab:


Single-click is faster, but makes marking text a bit more difficult, especially if the text is being moved vertically as it is being decoded. I hardly ever mark-bound a text to capture, so I prefer the single-click paradigm.

The behavior of the left-click transfer is dependent on whether fldigi is configured for casual contacts or contesting (include field day). The word capture for both casual and contesting will always transfer a recognized CALL to the fldigi logging entry for CALL. Call recognition uses a Regular Expression Parser.

A word that passes the rules for RST will be transferred to the RSTin entry.

A word that passes the rules for Maidenhead locater (grid square) will be transferred to the Loc entry.

For casual contacts, the fields are then populated in order: NAME, QTH.

Contest fields are populated in a similar way for CALL. If the contest fields for Xchg are visible then the left click paradigm is to append each clicked word LEFT to RIGHT with a space separator to the XchngIn entry control.

If the Field Day contest fields CLASS and SECTION are visible then the left-clicked Rx text words will be entered in that order.

Capturing the Field Day values for CALL, CLASS and SECTION can take as few as 3 mouse clicks.

Trigger Actions

Immediately after the call field is updated, the CALLTAB command is sent to ACL. This doesn't actually change focus in ACL, but performs all the functions associated with tabbing from the Call field in ACL, including duplicate check, listing previous contacts and retrieving previous contact info. In ACL, it also initiates call book lookup (if enabled), checks Watch List, etc.

This action takes place when:

  • fldigi's log call field is populated from the Rx text transfer
  • fldigi's log call field is exited via ENTER or TAB key

The TXTENTRY in ACL will change whenever a 3 or more keystrokes occurs in the fldigi log call field, or when the log call field is populated from the Rx text grab.

Clearing the fldigi log fields will clear the N3FJP call fields

Clearing the fldigi log call field using the right-click-clear paradigm will clear the N3FJP call fields

N3FJP FD Contest

You will need to perform some additional configuration in fldigi to fully appreciate the data capture and FD event logging. Open the Contest configuration tab and make the following entries: FD operator CALL, your CLASS, your SECTION.

N3FJP CQWW RTTY Contest logger

Select the CQWW contest on the Contest configuration tab. The fields for CQzone and CQstate are then visible, as are the respective Rx text, right click popup menu items.

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